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I want to become the client of your company to start earning. How do it?

To become the client of Bitexi, you need to be registered on the bitexi.biz site of our program and to make the deposit on one of the investment plans which has been offered by the program.

Can I become a client of the company in the minors?

No. This is prohibited by the agreement.

Can I have several open accounts in the system?

Each registered investor can register only one account, where he/she can create an unlimited number of deposits.

Multi-accounting is not allowed. We will freeze any funds in such accounts and block access to them.

What Electronic Payment Systems the Bitexi accepts to Investment?

Right now you can invest in Biexi, using the following electronic payment systems:

  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

What is the time of crediting funds to my account in Payment System after my withdrawal demand?

All your withdrawal demands from your account balance will be paid automatically after 48 hours indicated on the meter at your account.

It means that funds will be credited to your personal account in exactly 48 hours after your withdrawal demand. Such scheme has been devised for the purposes of safety of your funds on your personal account.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can cash out?

The company doesn’t set restrictions for the maximally admissible amount to payment.

You can withdraw minimally:

  • - for Perfct Money $ 0.2
  • - for Payeer $ 0.2
  • - for Bitcoin 0.0005
  • - for Litecoin 0.25
  • - and for Ethereum 0.15

May I change my upline?

The change of an upline is allowed only on condition you have not made any deposit in our company yet.

What should I do if I have mistaken my payment instructions in my account?

After you indicated the number of your account and saved the data, further editing is not possible.

However if you indicated incorrect details, please contact our client support via email through which your account on our site was registered.

What does a cashback mean?

Cashback is an additional interest from your deposit which will be credited onto the balance of your account after making a deposit or another actions focused on the development of the project.

Cashback is a simple and enjoyable way of increasing profit from your deposits.

Can you give an example of how cashback works in your project?

For example, your made a deposit of $1000 to the second investment offer and you received 3% cashback coupon. You should enter the code of the cashback coupon in the field and this 3% from $1000 will be credited onto your account immediately, namely $30, which you can withdraw to your account in Payment System or reinvest this sum and receive one more cashback coupon.

After the expiration date of your deposit you will receive interest in accordance with the conditions of the investment offer, namely 120%. Finally you will make profit as 20% on implemented deposit plus 3% as a cashback, with the total sum of $1230.

How and where can I receive cashback coupons?

Cashback coupons will be granted to the clients of our company for the various actions on the site:

  • - for registration on the site;
  • - for making a deposit;
  • - for making a deposit from the balance (reinvesting);
  • - for leaving comments on different investment resources (forums, chats, blogs, etc.);
  • - for your partners' registration by your referral link;
  • - for each deposit of your partner;
  • - For video review;
  • - for joining our Telegram chat;
  • - and for inviting your friends to our Telegram chat.
  • And much more

Thus, start taking different actions, be a part of our team, support, invest and make profit as much as possible.

Where can I check the list of my cashback coupons?

You can find the list of your cashback coupons available to use in your personal account on the page 'Cashback'.

What types of cashback coupons exist?

There are different types of cashback coupons. Some of them may be implemented on any deposit for all investment offers, but also there is one type with limitation such as implementing only to particular investment offer.

How many times may one cashback coupon be used?

You may use one cashback coupon only once. After activation the coupon is considered to be activated and is not possible to be used more again.

I want to reinvest from my balance in my account. How can I receive a cashback?

After the act of reinvesting from the balance of the account on our site no additional actions should be done from your side. In this case cashback will be automatically credited onto your balance of your account, subsequently you will be able to withdraw funds to your account in Payment System.

I have fulfilled reinvesting, but I do not have a cashback coupon. Will I receive it?

In the case of reinvesting from the balance of the account it is not necessary to have and implement any coupon.

Cashback will be automatically credited onto your account in our project, subsequently you will be able to withdraw funds to your account in Payment System.

What percentage of cashback will I receive for reinvesting from the balance of my account?

The percentage of cashback depends on the chosen investment offer. You may find more detailed information on the percentage of cashback, in particular for reinvesting from the balance of your account, in your personal account on the page "Make a deposit".

I have fulfilled reinvesting and received the cashback for this act. Additionally I have more other cashback coupons. May I implement a coupon to this deposit and receive one more cashback for this deposit?

Surely, if you have cashback coupons, you may activate them and receive cashback from this deposit simultaneously increasing your profit from the deposit.

How many coupons may be implemented to one deposit? May I receive a cashback several times from one deposit, if I have coupons for this?

Yes, you may implement one type of cashback coupon to the deposit repeatedly but not more than three times. Also please take into account that one cashback coupon may be implemented only once, therefore you should have several coupons available to use.

How may I receive coupons for inviting to Telegram chat?

Share a link to our Telegram chat with your friends. After your friend join it, he/she should leave a message with the following text:

  • 'I was invited by my friend, username: ...'.

As soon as Cashback Service checks your action it will issue a cashback for you as for your invitation and also for your friend for joining Telegram chat, if he/she is registered on our site.

What Payment System may I use for withdrawal of cashback?

You may withdraw a cashback credited onto your balance to only one Payment System, via which you have made your deposit.

I have a cashback coupon. Can I transfer it to my friend for further application?

For this moment a cashback coupon may be applied only once and by only the user who received it.

A special function will be devised in your personal account within a short time, through which our users will be able to transfer their coupons to others.

Can I earn money in the company without opening a deposit?

Yes. By inviting new investors and getting 3% from your referrals’ deposits.

How much is the referral bonus?

With our referral program, you can earn 3% of the deposit amount of each 1st level referral